Welcome to my world!



Welcome to my web site. I don't know where that new project will take me, but my goal is to do what I've always done: explain "my" reality of what's going on about different stuff. I know I won't be able to bring it up to date as often as I'd like to, but I'll try my best.


The idea is to talk about different stuff, from freestyle topics I'm interested in, to comentaries about trips, competitions, videos, pics sessions,... a bit of everything. As you see, very different topics that you'll find classified in the menu above to help you read only what you want. As you will see, depending on the topic and on when I wrote about it you'll find the information in English or in Spanish... I'd like to be able to post it in both, but being realistic, I don't think that will be possible.

If you have landed in my website you'll probably know how to contact me by several ways, but just in case you don't, there's also a contact form in the main menu ;). Of course, any idea, review, comment, proposal or whatever will be welcome ;)!.


See you soon!